Safety Technology, Explosion Protection & Fire Prevention

Safety Technology, Explosion Protection & Fire Prevention

The best way to mitigate risk is to take the proper precautions. R&R BETH can help you to increase workplace safety by installing explosion and fire prevention systems that comply with state and federal laws.

We offer:

  • Explosion suppression systems
  • Extinguisher barriers
  • ATEX safety components
  • Spark extinguishing equipment installations

Don’t let a workplace accident take you by surprise – use R&R BETH expertise to prevent accidents and minimize hazards. Your livelihood may depend on it.

R&R BETH specializes in under-floor extraction installations, paint fume extraction walls, drying plants, painting booths and other customized solutions.

If flammable or explosive dusts are aspirated, the dust collectors can be equipped with an appropriate safety equipment. The plants fulfill the stipulations and regulations of the standards.
(ATEX 2014 / 34 / EU, VDI 3673, VDI 2263, etc.)

The explosion triangle -
the three conditions for an explosion

Primary and secondary explosion protection:

Our de-dusting plants are designed and engineered in such way, that a dust explosion is quiet unlikely. Only ATEX-compliant equipment with corresponding EX-zone approvals is used. However a dust explosion cannot be completely excluded. 

Tertiary explosion protection (constructional explosion protection):

The constructive explosion protection includes measures which limit the effects of an explosion to an acceptable level. The raw gas-chamber of the filter plant needs special attention, this is where a large volumeof an explosivedustatmosphere can arise. To minimize the effects of a dust explosion two different strategies can be applied:

1. The most common strategy is the pressure relief of an explosion by installed blow-out discs in a non-critical area. For this purpose the filter housing is built in a pressure-shock resistant design. (pred. = 0,4 bar, with statically proof) The determination of the size of the required pressure relief surface is carried out according VDI3673.



2. Another strategy is the explosion suppression. It is applied when the pressure relief in a non-critical area is not possible.

With sensors in the raw gas chamber of the filter, an explosion is detected already in the development stage. A control triggers the installed extinguishing agent container. The extinguishing agent is under high pressure and passes quickly into the raw gas. The resulting Explosion is suppressed!

To prevent an explosion in the filter, that affects on other parts of the system through the raw gas pipe distribution, the fire's path is blocked with explosion decoupling. This is done with the help of diverters, for example (preasure relief stacks).