Stair towers

Stair towers

Planning a safe ascent and thus access to your plant - we manufacture depending on the individual application of the customer. We design by using 3D-models your construction project. Through our experienced and skilled staff in manufacturing and assembly your project is always in the best hands. We provide a complete package with all gratings, fasteners, steps and railings.

Stairtower for a filtration system

Special features of the design

Stair tower with attached transition. The stair towers dimensions are 3,90x2,80x10,90m. The transition is at the upper end and leads in two directions. The tower consists of stairs opposite.

The stair tower is braced transversely by a frame and longitudinally by a special construction and the stringers. The stringers are reinforced by the grating steps.

All site-specific load assumptions were taken into account in a detailed structural analysis, we provide for you of course. The burden of steps is assumed to be 3.50 kN / m² in this case.